21st Century Skills to Combat The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

A Japanese insurance company has just turned our dystopian fears into reality: white-collar workers are already being replaced by AI who are more competent, knowledgeable and learn faster than they do. This, in the midst of an economy that is moving towards self-driving cars and increasingly autonomous machines, should hardly be a shock. The issue is not industry-specific: The World Economic Forum found that 5 million jobs will be lost to robots and artificial intelligence by 2020. What does this mean for our future workforce? What about for the youths today who are graduating into an economy where many of the skills they are learning will ​ ​virtually be useless?

How Diversity Liberated My Identity – Minerva Schools

In high school, I felt limited by my school’s dominant cultural identity and lack of diverse student backgrounds. So when it came time to look at universities, I was determined to experience the world for myself, to soak it in, and to explore as many cultures as possible. I wanted to learn from peers who were different from me: who came from all over the world, and from all walks of life. I realized that would only be possible at a university that embodies true diversity, in every sense of the w

Studying In The UK? Here Is How Brexit Will Affect You

Two weeks ago, the world stood fragmented. In the UK, 47% of voters was devastated, while 52% rejoiced at the results of the notorious British referendum to leave the European Union1. Meanwhile, Malaysian students wishing to study in the U.K. panicked in collective uncertainty: So, the question is, The British pound has dropped to its lowest value since 1985, which might just be good news for Malaysian students looking for their own accommodation in the UK. Turns out, the average living cost